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Electrolaringes, laringes electrónicas
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 Electrolaringes  de última generación que proporcian un tono de voz estable y claro la mejor opción para pacientes laringectomizados.


About Us

Labex is a company of voice prosthesiswe genuinely believe that all aspects of our lives can be improved. There is always something to improve. And we can do it. No matter what working on, we always do our best to provide our customers with new options and help them have a better life. 

When we start to develop voice prosthesis in 2014, during the last 12 years there has been no work on new devices for laryngectomy patients in the world. Electrolarynx hearing aids in 2014 offered real-time talk times of one and a half to two hours with batteries that were very expensive and inefficient.

The brand Labex is designed to meet the highest standards in meeting customer needs and expectations for medical devices.

No matter what we develop, our focus is always on additional customer benefits.

Electrolaringes para pacientes laringectomizados.

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